On February 26th my dearest mom Mirjam passed away.

I know she was a great example to many of you. She will always be known for her kindness, generosity, her laughter, loyalty and of course commitment to breed worlds’ best Ragdolls.

For now, we have decided to continue with her legacy; Siempre Amar Ragdolls. We will however do this on a much smaller scale. We don’t know exactly what this will be like for us but time will tell.

We have some kittens available born end of April and early May. (pets only). Please reach out to me if you are interested.

Mail: siempreamar@zeelandnet.nl
Whatsapp: 0615189055

Warmest regards


Welcome to SiempreAmar Ragdolls.
Our cattery is located in Vlissingen; It is in the South -West coast of the Netherlands.

I start to breed Ragdolls in 2002.
My goal is to produce beautiful, healthy and loving Ragdolls wich gives us much love and pleasure.
Almost all of my cats have the traditional lines. This means that a traditional Ragdoll cat has only
seal, blue, chocolate, or lilac Ragdoll cats in its pedigree. In addition to that all pedigree lines must
trace back to the original cats from which the breed started.
The special thing on the Ragdoll is that they have a wonderfull character,
a loving nature, ofcourse that blue eyes: They are so Elegant.
Ragdolls prefer your company, and will follow you from room to room,
just to be with you. Ragdolls are so special, we love them so much.

All my cats passed through the process for HCM/PKD .
All my cats are tested for the new HCM/PKD-Gene.
Everything in my breeding programm is Negative (normal/normal).
You can see the pedigrees of my cats on ”PawPeds” see the Link site.
I show Tica as i am very proud of my successes , having achieved both Regional and International
recognition and distinction.
If you are interested in a kitten please contact me. From time to time we have also a replacer.